We closely follow Michelle Bernard's diet  

This diet is backed by over fifteen years of both research and practical use.

We STRONGLY recommend Michelle's book  "Raising Cats Naturally"

This is one of the most comprehensive books on feline nutrition. Like Michelle, we feel you should know why each ingredient is being fed to your cat. Be pro-active in feeding your cat. Help them to live a long and healthy life. This book not only will guide you through the process of making a raw diet, it also contains a sourcing guide for ordering the necessary ingredients on the web.

Easy Raw Feeding For The Busy Person




For those of you new to raw feeding, this may sound much too difficult.   Relax!   Here is an very easy recipe for you to begin. The supplement can be ordered online and the meat can either be bought online (suppliers listed on Raw Feeding Links) or when you are doing your own grocery shopping!  No extra trips to the pet store are needed. No guess work is needed. Five minutes prep time and you will have nutritious food for a week or for a month. It can't get any easier.

Basic Recipe:

2 lbs ground turkey

 1-1/2 cups water

1/2 cup Know Better Cat Food


 (Start out with Know Better with chicken liver)



Combine water and KBCF.

Mix into the ground turkey.

Refrigerate or freeze immediately.

Depending on your cat, this will yield up to a week's worth of food.


You can also use:

Ground or chunked pork

Ground or chunked chicken

Ground or chunked rabbit

Ground or chunked beef (use Know Better with beef liver) Some cats think beef liver is too gamey tasting.

This is why we suggest starting with chicken.




But do not stop here! The more you learn the more you will be convinced that the best possible food for your cat comes from fresh, natural ingredients, put together by you. Here is a tutorial on how to make your own cat food from scratch.


Meals of chicken gizzards, stew meat, chicken necks or wings will help keep the teeth clean. See the article  Nature's Toothbrush. If your cat will not accept any of these chewy foods, feeding Our Diet in nearly frozen mouse size chunks will do a very effective job of cleaning their teeth.





Still Unsure?


For those of you who are still not sure raw is the right thing to do, I encourage you to continue to research. The dog world is light years ahead of the cat fancy in feeding a species appropriate diet. There are many canine sites related to raw feeding. You can find answers to your questions there, also reassurance that this is safe and extremely healthy! Just remember that dogs and cats have different nutritional requirements. Do not base your cat's raw diet on a diet designed for dogs! 


These articles may help answer more of your questions: 

Dangers of Raw Meat

 Frequently Asked Questions




Best Of The Worst



If you are still on the fence, PLEASE begin to feed your cat a healthier processed diet.


All joking aside, tuna is not appropriate to feed your cat. Tuna is deficient in Vitamin E and will cause Steatitis.


Dry food is the worst choice you can make. Find a canned food that does not contain grains. Canned food has the same moisture content as what would be found in their natural diet and will help keep your cat from developing conditions such as CRF.


Nature's Logic is our canned food recommendation.


Also, change your feeding schedule to once or twice a day. No more free feeding. Relax, don't make this hard. Remember in the wild they don't eat by the clock and only when they catch something!


All of our recommendations can be ordered online and delivered right to your door.