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Please fill out our questionnaire prior to contacting us regarding availability.









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Pet Kittens

Please fill out our

Adoption Questionnaire prior to contacting us regarding kitten availability.


Please read to the bottom of the page.


Our pet kittens are $2500.

Take a look at our contract and let us know if you have any questions.

 We do not ship pet kittens.

You are welcome to make arrangements to fly in and take your baby home in the cabin with you. We make things as easy as possible!



Our adults are placed after undergoing blood work, neuter/spay, dental and have up to date 3 year vaccinations.

Inquire for availability.


Show Kittens

Please contact us if you are interested in a show kitten.

We do not sell cats with breeding rights, unless you have an established cattery and are actively showing your cats.



We do love to mentor new people in the cat fancy. If you are interested in learning,

you are welcome here!








In addition to our Health Guarantee,

our kittens undergo health checks prior to leaving for their new homes.

Our kittens are provided with a month of health insurance from Trupanion at no cost to their new owner.












Be sure to thoroughly read the articles in

"Your New Kitten"

before you bring your cat or kitten home



Our cats are raised on a

raw meat diet. 

Please carefully read Our Diet pages 

BEFORE your appointment to pick up your kitten. Please have the ingredients for our Beginner's Diet at home. Any sudden change will cause digestive upset.

Our kittens will also transition to Nature's Logic,

but no processed food can come close to

the health benefits of a raw diet.

We recommend this brand because it does not contain

 synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements,

which can cause cancer.


 Our raw diet is quick and easy to make.

All the guess work has been taken out of it for you.  

Please email us with any questions regarding raw feeding.



We do not recommend early spay or neuter.

Information can be found in FAQ.


Do not spay or neuter your kitten right

after bringing them home.


Early spay or neuter will void your health guarantee.





If you do not bring a carrier when picking up your kitten

one will be provided for you for $75












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Information about us can be found HERE

Scammers do not only target the public, they also target reputable breeders.


Because of this, available kitten pictures are no longer posted here. Contact us for availability.



At the time kittens become available, they will be reserved in the order questionnaires were received.


We do not keep a waiting list.


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