Maine Coon


Silver Classic Tabby




January 1, 2016



20 Gen IC:


Bred By:

Mary Beth Crawford 

Owned By:

Julie Grandquist 




3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation


DCH Wild Pride Jameson                        

Red Silver McTabby w/Wht

TCH Psycatics Philip Ferrand

Silver Tabby w/Wht

GC Koontosh Charlemaine

Silver Tabby w/Wht

Amerrykoon Sir Kamalot

Odd Eyed White 

Amerrykoon Rett Butler 

Sara of Amerrykoon  

CH Kattarose Kandle In The Wind

Brown Tabby w/Wht  

Benecats Spitfire of Kattarose

SGC Mainere's Maggie-Mae of Kattarose  

SGC Psycatsics Moani

Silver Patched Tabby w/wht 

NQG Angelsongz Pirate Dun Durken

Red Silver McTabby w/Wht   

QGC Theatricats Buddy Ebscoon   

Angelsongz Mystucal Rose   

CH Celticpaz Kisa of Pyscatics

Silver Tabby w/Wht 

CH Purrlsnlace Finnian od Celticpaz   

CH Celticpaws Dorchaidhe Fionnghuala  

Psycatics Attitude Judy

Red McTabby w/Wht

GC Taiji Hu of Psycatics

Red Tabby w/Wht

Willowplace Calypso Of Cameo One

Blue Silver Tabby 

Tabbyskins Sante Fe of Willowplace

Willowplace Sharon Amity   

Cameo One Catie O'Malley Irish Lass

Red McTabby w/Wht

Brenin Samir of Cameo One  

Cameo One Greta Camillle  

CH Wild pride Frosted Rose Petal

Red Silver Tabby w/Wht

Mainesail Sundance of Wild Pride

Red Silver McTabby 

GC Mainesail Commodore Perry 

CH Silver lynx of MaineSail  

Sun Sweet of Wild Pride

Shaded Red Silver w/Wht

Willabelle Granche Of Cumbrescoon  

Dirigo Pearlessence Of Cumberscoons 

Tufts'N Ruff Meg-A-Watt

Brown McTabby

GC Tufts' Ruff Xander of Mainevalley

Brown McTabby

Ramgerwoods Bristlecoon Pine

Brown McTabby

Purricoon's Frankcoonstein

Brown McTabby

Katmaindo Stormin Norman Schwarzkat

Purricoons Mouse

Purricoon Sassyfras of Rangerwoods

Brown Tabby

Purricoon's Bohemian Zebulon

Gerlingcat Katie of Purricoon 

CH Celeste of Tufts'N Ruff

Brown McTabby w/Wht 

Mainevalley Earl Grey

Blue McTabby

Jendor's Boomer of Prairiecoons

Mainevalley Bonnie

Cutie Koons Panda

Black & White 

Catbeleu Alexander Van Go

Miss April's Abigail

CH Karmah of Tufts'N Riff

Brown Tabby w/Wht


Pawstuctaway Rudy

Black & White

Pawstuctaway Cisco

Red Tabby w/Wht

Pawstuckaway Jose Cuervo

Heritagecons BBoop of Pawstuctaway  

Pawstuctaway Amelia Bedelia

Brown Tabby

Maycoons Remington of Pawstuctaway

Pawstuctaway Moxxie

Quiltznqueen Lizzy of Pawstuctaway

Brown Tabby w/Wht

GC Koontucky Viggo of Kelimcoons

Brown Tabby w/Wht

TGC Nascat Sterling Marlin of Koontucky 

QGC Koontucky Damarviscotta 

Madison of Quiltsnqueens

Brown Tabby w/Wht  

Lacocoon Grt Gatsby of Kelimcoons

Kelimcoons Quilts N Queens