We would like to congratulate the owners of our Koontucky Graduates


 for their success in the show ring!



CH Koontucky Delaney of Shaughnessy

Owned by Grant Mundell




IW RW SGC Koontucky Kactus Jack of MaineVu

Best Maine Coon Champion NE Region

4th Best All Breed Cat NE Region

Owned by Phil & Marjorie Berger




GIC Koontucky King Coloseum of Clabacoon

Owned by Claudio Barletta




CH Koontucky Splash of Dzcoonz

Owned by Debra Zeller





CH Koontucky Silver Surfer of Tuftstad

owned by Cathy Tofstad




TICA RW SGC/CFA GC Koontucky July Frost of Williamina

First Maine Coon in Japan to achieve the highest title in both associations !!!

Owned by Michiko and Russ Hagan






SMGC Koontucky Wesley Wyndam Price of Chenza, CNW

Canadian Best Maine Coon Cat
Second Best All Breed Cat Nationally
Best Regional All Breed Cat

Owned by Natoma & Terry Houston




GC Koontucky Mad Maxx of Dzcoonz

Owned by Deb Zeller




CH Koontucky Viggo of Kelimcoons

Owned by The Berg family






IC Koontucky Latin Lover of Honeycoons

Owned by Paola Russo






EC Koontucky King Arthur of Escape's

Owned by Jaana Hiltunen



 IC Koontucky Sandstorm of Chamberlain

Best Stud Male (TUROK) and 4th Best Maine Coon Stud Male (FMCCA)

Owned by Maarit Palmén






QGC Koontucky Jalen Merton of Chatile

Owned by Sachie Yumoto





GC Koontucky Maersk of Riverview Manor

Owned by Elodie Foster





CH Koontucky Indian Wolf of Lřvehulen

Owned by Rita Henriksen & Poul Erik Pedersen





GC Koontucky McKelcan of Panther Hill

Owned by Cain Haley





CH Koontucky One And Only of Chamberlain

Owned by Maarit Palmén




GC Koontucky Jumpin' Jack Flash of Coonstars

Owned by Anne Conway





RW SGA Koontucky Canopus of Stellarcoon

6th Best All Breed Alter Great Lakes Region

Best Maine Coon Alter





RW SGC Koontucky Flint of Johnsbay

Great Lakes Region Second Best Maine Coon

Owned By: Sandee Doherty





GCH Koontucky Mohegan of Ahwannacoon

Owned by: Anne & Randy Greenlee