What We Feed

For those of you new to raw feeding, this may sound like a daunting task. Relax! Here is an very easy recipe for you to begin with. The supplement can be ordered on the web and the meat can be bought when you are doing your own grocery shopping!  No extra trips to the pet store are needed. No guess work is needed. Five minutes prep time and you have food for a week or a month. It can't get any easier.

Our Basic Recipe

2 lbs ground turkey

1 cup water

TCfeline Supplement (with chicken liver)


You can also use:


Ground or chunked pork

Ground or chunked chicken

Ground or chunked rabbit

Ground or chunked beef (Use TCfeline with beef liver)


Combine water and TCfeline powder.

Mix into the ground turkey.

Freeze or refrigerate immediately.

Depending on your cat, this will yield up to a week's worth of food.



But do not stop here! The more you learn the more you will be convinced that the best possible food for your cat comes from fresh, natural ingredients, put together by you!


Meals of chicken gizzards, stew meat, chicken necks or wings will help keep the teeth clean. See the article  Nature's Toothbrush  If your cat will not accept any of these chewy foods, feeding Our Diet in nearly frozen mouse size chunks will do a very effective job of cleaning their teeth.